Istanbul Airport

Statistics on airlines delays and punctuality

In order to better inform passengers flying from or to Istanbul, we record in a database all flights who have suffered delays at takeoff or landing. Here you will find the main flights concerned.

The biggest delays recently noted:

Order by:
AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
TK6487 on X/10/2020
TK6408 on X/10/2020
TK6525 on X/10/2020
TK6522 on X/10/2020
TK6247 on X/10/2020
TK6588 on X/10/2020
TK6483 on X/10/2020
TK6464 on X/10/2020
TK6203 on X/10/2020
TK6402 on X/10/2020
TK6404 on X/10/2020
TK6527 on X/10/2020
TK6349 on X/10/2020
MB552 on X/10/2020
TK6489 on X/10/2020
MB312 on X/10/2020
MB752 on X/10/2020
TK6576 on X/09/2020
RH9485 on X/09/2020
RH9491 on X/09/2020
RH9493 on X/09/2020
TK6529 on X/09/2020
TK6576 on X/09/2020
TK6208 on X/09/2020
TK6531 on X/09/2020
TK6398 on X/09/2020
TK6597 on X/09/2020
TK6410 on X/09/2020
TK6481 on X/09/2020
TK6599 on X/09/2020
TK6476 on X/09/2020
TK6527 on X/09/2020
TK6260 on X/08/2020
TK6479 on X/08/2020
TK6495 on X/08/2020
TK6576 on X/08/2020
TK6537 on X/08/2020
TK6201 on X/08/2020
RH9491 on X/08/2020
RH9487 on X/08/2020
TK6537 on X/07/2020
MB782 on X/07/2020
TK6529 on X/07/2020
TK6519 on X/07/2020
MB9346 on X/07/2020
MB9346 on X/07/2020
TK6483 on X/06/2020
RH9493 on X/06/2020
RH9485 on X/06/2020
TK6537 on X/06/2020
TK6320 on X/06/2020
TK6529 on X/06/2020
TK6239 on X/05/2020
TK6434 on X/05/2020
TK6404 on X/05/2020
TK6576 on X/05/2020
TK6426 on X/05/2020
TK6346 on X/05/2020
TK6406 on X/05/2020
TK6386 on X/05/2020
TK6539 on X/05/2020
TK6381 on X/05/2020
TK6590 on X/05/2020
TK6519 on X/05/2020
TK6260 on X/05/2020
TK6489 on X/05/2020
TK6397 on X/05/2020
TK6646 on X/05/2020
TK6215 on X/05/2020
TK6379 on X/05/2020
TK6333 on X/05/2020
TK6431 on X/04/2020
TK6425 on X/04/2020
TK6373 on X/04/2020
TK6317 on X/04/2020
TK6467 on X/04/2020
TK6203 on X/04/2020
TK6351 on X/04/2020
TK6447 on X/04/2020
TK6211 on X/04/2020
TK6387 on X/04/2020
TK6537 on X/04/2020
TK6148 on X/04/2020
TK6404 on X/04/2020
TK6249 on X/04/2020
TK6363 on X/04/202051mn
TK6554 on X/04/20208h8mn
TK6530 on X/04/20205mn
TK6558 on X/04/2020
TK6552 on X/04/2020
TK6215 on X/04/2020
TK6381 on X/04/2020
MB224 on X/04/2020
MB452 on X/04/2020
MB224 on X/04/2020
MB252 on X/04/2020
MB224 on X/03/2020
MB9346 on X/03/2020
TK6410 on X/03/2020
TK6525 on X/03/2020
TK6434 on X/03/2020
TK6561 on X/03/2020
TK6416 on X/03/2020
TK6221 on X/03/2020
TK6332 on X/03/2020
TK6438 on X/03/2020
TK6471 on X/03/2020
TK6464 on X/02/2020
TK6519 on X/02/2020
TK6245 on X/02/2020
TK6502 on X/02/2020
TK6260 on X/02/2020
TK6386 on X/02/2020
TK6387 on X/02/2020
TK6336 on X/02/2020
TK6402 on X/02/2020
TK6575 on X/02/2020
TK6235 on X/02/2020
TK6375 on X/02/2020
TK6485 on X/02/2020
TK6517 on X/02/2020
TK6613 on X/02/2020
TK6381 on X/01/2020
TK6434 on X/01/2020
TK6416 on X/01/2020
TK6391 on X/01/2020
TK6527 on X/01/2020
TK6412 on X/01/2020
TK6531 on X/01/2020
TK6369 on X/01/2020
TK6206 on X/01/2020
TK6381 on X/01/2020
TK6402 on X/01/2020
TK6507 on X/01/2020
MB352 on X/11/2019
MB252 on X/11/2019
MB224 on X/11/2019
MB224 on X/11/2019
MB9346 on X/11/2019
MB452 on X/11/2019
MB224 on X/11/2019
TK6558 on X/08/2019
TK6 on X/04/2019
HY273 on X/04/2019
TK416 on X/04/2019
TK1954 on X/04/2019
TK1530 on X/04/2019
8Q476 on X/04/2019
TK825 on X/04/2019
AH3016 on X/04/2019
Weather in Istanbul

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Wind: NNE at 4km/h
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